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About me


I am a qualified counsellor who practices with a Humanistic & Integrative approach. This means I will focus on the needs of you, using techniques from different areas. 

Each person is unique and therefore I do not feel I am the expert of you and can tell you what to do, my belief is to support and guide you to with my experience to help you work through your concerns. 

 The first step to start counselling can feel overwhelming, bringing past thoughts to the surface and stirring up feelings of being judged, my attitude is to value you for doing the best you can. It can be tough for us at times. To accept us for who and how we are.

My Role


I value my role by providing my clients with a safe space to open up and explore their concerns in a safe, non judgmental space. By being supportive, empathetic  and provide an honest open approach and to listen attentively. 

I feel by incorporating some creative therapy as well as talk therapy, can aid clients to explore other ways of opening up. Sometimes we can not find the words and visual work can help to bring the words to the surface.

Cost & Contracts


I base myself at two locations, one being  the Magnolia Therapy centre which is  on Mansfield road NG5 2EF. 

The second location is NG5 3GB,  Both locations are easily accessible on bus routes. Free parking is also available within this area. 

Sessions will last for 50 minutes and take place weekly, with an initial 50 min assessment session for us to establish if we can work together.  Counselling can be short or long term depending on your need, with reviews to see how you are growing.

Each 50 minute session will be charged at a rate of £45.  With the initial session costing £25.

A contract will be in place for us to establish boundaries, client confidentiality as well as assessing risk. For more information around this please contact me


 07391 859 907 

Qualifications & Training

Additional Information

I am qualified in a BSC Honors Counselling & Psychotherapy  Degree, as well as additional specialised training. This includes 260 supervised volunteering counselling with three different organisations. This has aided me to practice in a way to meet different needs of my clients. To work in diverse backgrounds in order me to be more flexible within my approach. 

I am a member of the BACP, who are a membership body for counsellors. I adhere to their ethical framework as well as policies and procedures.

Further to this I will endeavor to continuously progress with my own development. 

Contact  wellbeeingcounselling@gmail.com 


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